About Us - Opulanté
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Opulante is a brand that has been created by Nana Vezi. Nana was exposed to fashion from a young age as her mother was a designer and owned a bridal shop. Nana first tried her hand in fashion by helping her mother cover shoes for brides and by making bouquets. She would also help her mother to shop for dress materials. This gave birth to Nana’s life-long passion for fashion.


This passion made Nana a very stylish woman in her own right. The compliments she gets on her outfits made her want to help other women be just as stylish.


Opulante handpicks outfits from suppliers in SA and throughout the globe for women who want to turn heads − whether they are dressed casually for daily living or stepping out to a wedding or a formal dinner. The designs are fresh and sophisticated, whether you are a size 32 or a size 42.


Opulante aims to provide fashion forward women with quality garments at great prices. We want our customers to look great and feel comfortable in our trendy garments.